Management Information Sytem Future Projects

  • Information Technology Facilities Monitoring System (ITMS)
    A Computer based monitoring and management of Information Technology(IT) facilities and peripherals as well as monitors and tracks the date for update and repairs of every IT facilities in the University.
  • Paperless Clearance
    A computer based system which allow a student to complete his/her clearance without bringing anything, department could track if the student is already cleared or still have problems regarding with his/her clearance.
  • GradeBook
    A web based system for University Faculty serves as their electronic class record and automatically calculated student grades and import the data to e-grade sheet.
  • Interactive Campus Map
    A Flash based or Jquery based systems that allows the user to virtually go arround the university.
  • College of Nursing Automated Reviewer
    A web based system that allow nursing graduate to review online for board examination.
  • Eletronic White Form (e-white)
    A web based system allows the student to view available subjects and schedules for a particular semester.